Historical monuments

Discover the beauties of Prevezas.Preveza prefecture in western Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the Ionian Sea with sandy beaches of incomparable beauty and crystal clear waters.

Scattered history monuments and culture of the region, such as the Roman Nicopolis, the ancient Kassiopi, the necromancy, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and picturesque castle city of Parga enable the visitor to discover utilizing fun and creative holiday time of .

Region with a long history starting from ancient times, is rich in archaeological sites that will find scattered across its breadth.

Monasteries, churches, castles and temples unique beauty and historical interest, from ancient times until the Venetian and the Ottoman period, invite you to discover!
The river Acheron also, which flows into the Ionian Sea in the village of Sandy, in addition to a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, is a place of great archaeological interest.

One of the gates leading souls to the underworld, according to the ancient Greeks, the eerie this place is a destination that should not be missed.

According to legend, in this location, Death went with his boat the souls to Hades for an obol, otherwise were doomed to wander forever on Earth. A rich mythology, pieces of which are still living traditions of the locals.

In a short distance from the Ammoudia Beach will find the Oracle of Acheron, one of the major oracles of antiquity.